Corporate & Educational Consultation

Behavior Therapy Associates provides mental health workshops and consultation to professionals and schools. These mental health workshops provide independent, objective, and professional consultation services to small businesses, law firms, and major corporations, as well as individuals, families, and educational facilities. Corporate & Educational Consultation services are in addition to BTA’s behavior consultation provided on behalf of school-aged children.

The purpose of Corporate & Educational Consultation is that via a consultation model, BTA Licensed Psychologists and BCBAs will provide expertise to assist the individuals and/or organizations involved to effectively address the presenting problem and questions, and to work toward goals.

Experienced clinicians will outline and facilitate a problem-solving approach among those involved with the goals of:

  • Ensuring that all parties’ needs are clarified and addressed.
  • Understanding emotions through a careful empathic style.
  • Assessing all parties’ motivation both individually and with respect to the facility/company.
  • Incorporating the clinician’s wealth of experience and knowledge to arrive at mutually agreed upon solutions.
  • Helping individuals and institutions strategically develop a plan to achieve the desired goals and solutions.
  • Helping to design effective antecedent interventions to maximize the likelihood of the plan’s success while minimizing the potential for side effects.

The Benefits of Corporate & Educational Consultation

  • Much greater potential to save significant time and money for all parties compared to costly legal battles and court hearings.
  • Increases the likelihood that all parties will achieve their goals via an effective plan.
  • Improves the relationship among all parties by reaching greater mutual agreement and a comprehensive plan.
  • Consultation model may satisfy the court’s commonly recommended or ordered mediation services (contact Behavior Therapy Associates to discuss this further).
  • Helps all parties learn a positive model to generalize to better handle future challenges within the organization, company, school, district, etc.
  • In corporate cases, this process may focus on the individual and/or mutual best interests of all parties involved.
  • In educational cases, this process focuses on the best interests of the child to ensure that the child is receiving a free appropriate public education; this may also include issues related to the professional relationships among educational administrators, employees, parents, as well as school and district-wide issues.
  • Confidentiality is maintained, with adherence to ethical and professional requirements

Mental Health Workshops & Seminars:

Full-day and Half-day trainings can be provided to small and large corporations, school districts, families, school-aged children, etc.

Corporate Trainings include at least the following:

  • Problem-solving everyday challenges
  • Handling stress and frustration
  • Motivating the unmotivated
  • Reaching individual and corporate goals
  • Developing and improving relationships

Educational Trainings include at least the following:

  • Problem-solving everyday challenges
  • Improving social skills
  • Understanding and managing significant behavioral issues
  • Improving relationships between and among staff, parents, and students
  • We also offer trainings on understanding and treating children with a variety of diagnostic conditions (e.g., Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, Learning Disability, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Anxiety, Depression)

Please contact Behavior Therapy Associates, P.A. for more information. We will discuss your case confidentially, take time to understand the primary issues, and provide specific details regarding the anticipated fees and other questions you may have.

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We offer full-day and half-day trainings for corporations, school districts, families, school-aged children and more.