Behavior Therapy Associates provides two intensive summer social skills programs:

HI-STEP® Social Skills Summer Program (Helping Improve Social-Skills Through Evidence-based Practices) W.I.S.E. Social Skills Summer Program (Weekend for Improving Social Effectiveness).

Both social skills programs are designed for children with social-emotional difficulties, attention problems, hyperactivity, oppositional / defiant behavior, high-functioning autism spectrum disorders  (Asperger’s Disorder, high functioning autism, PDD-NOS), and/or learning disabilities (including nonverbal learning disabilities).

Such difficulties often preclude these children from successfully participating in traditional summer programs. The programs include the following: structured activities with ongoing supervision; social-emotional skills training provided in a group format with role-playing; ongoing feedback and problem-solving via incidental learning; strategies to promote generalization of skills; small-group format (4:1 child-staff ratio); individualized attention and support as needed; sports and recreational activities emphasizing cooperation and group problem-solving rather than competition; ongoing feedback and Positive Reinforcement System to help shape appropriate social-emotional skill; parent handouts to assist child to generalize learned skills; and parent seminars.

Social-emotional skills commonly targeted include: making and keeping friends; impulse control & problem-solving; anger/frustration management; handling teasing; complying with requests; complimenting others and accepting feedback; and conversation skills.


A group of our HI-STEP® children participating in our social skills summer program.
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W.I.S.E. Weekend

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